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Material: 100% Cotton

Measurement: 25" x 50"

Weight: 0.35 Kg

Colors:  Aqua, Cord, Pink Carnation, Capri, Coffee, Cool Gray, Endive, Lavender

Wide selection of luxury plush towels in variety colours, prints and sizes that are perfectly balanced in softness, absorbency and durability.

Stay simple, stay true. When a new trend arrives, a lot of people tend to flock to try it out, bouncing from one trend to another. Yet, the concept of simplicity remains solid and preserve. Cotonsoft embraces the spirit of simplicity with its Stafford Plain Bath Towel collections. Plain and simple, perfect for your average day usage.

Most detergents contain optical brighteners which should not be used on your pure cotton bath towel. If you prefer to use a detergent, only mild detergents that do not contain optical brightening agents should be used. Avoid using fabric softeners which may reduce the absorbency of your towel and affect its lifespan.